Tool chain

M.Fuchs Design has a consistent tool chain for generating implementation-oriented graphics.

Typical tasks include, for example:

  • naming and basic dimensions
  • Administration of the color palettes as well as their partial pallets
  • Palletize the 24-bit graphics
  • File compatibility check
  • Generation of the complete graphics set taking into account the required file structure
  • Detailed documentation with extensive analysis options

For graphics generation, all tools are used at least once. In the course of development, this loop can quite often be run through. This structured approach has the following advantages:

  • once performed work, such as naming the files can be reused
  • Early implementation-friendly interim graphics can be created, even if the final design is not yet clear
  • Change requests are easy to carry out because only individual parts of the process are affected
  • Automated operations are much safer and faster than manual tasks

All tools of M.Fuchs Design are self-developed on a VBA basis. They are constantly being adapted or expanded to meet changing requirements.