M.Fuchs Design – a design service provider with focus on HMI creation on embedded systems in an agile environment.

As mediator between styling and software development M.Fuchs Design understands both the intentions of the designers and knows their way of working, as well as the needs and expectations of programmers.

The acquired competence since the development for the first high-resolution color TFT display in the Audi A4 (B6) from 2000 on, makes M.Fuchs Design a competent partner in the modern development of HMI, based on embedded systems such as vehicle information systems.

Infotainmentsystem for Suzuki
  • Understanding the different ways of communication, requirements and work processes of graphic design, graphic styling and programming
  • Developing efficient solutions for demanding graphic concepts
  • Ensuring overall consistency, functional reliability and economic efficiency of the product
  • Consideration of aspects as ergonomics, product emotion and different expectations in the cultural different target markets
  • Concept studies
  • Simulation support
Infotainmentsystem for Nissan.