M.Fuchs Design is a competent partner in the conception and realization of visual Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI).

During the concept phase special emphasis is placed on a broad spectrum of ideas. Any idea, however weird, should at least be outlined briefly and get its chance before it falls through the merciless grid of feasibility. This leads to an objective view of the respective problem and helps significantly in the decision-making.

M.Fuchs Design helps you to meet the challenge of balancing between trendy piano lacquer design and ergonomics. Especially in the automotive sector, the secure transmission of information is a safety factor that should not be neglected. At the same time it is important to keep the fun factor high on the product, a daring degree migration.

Therefore, there are innumerable arguments and statements about this problem and it takes experience long, until an acceptable balance is found. So it is of particular advantage if the graphic design can react flexibly to the change requests.